Doraemon Movie Nobita’s Chronicle Moon Exploration(2019) English Subbed

One morning, Nobita was awakened by his mother’s call for being late for school. The three-legged four-legged man ran downstairs to see TV on the mysterious white ball on the moon. When he arrived at school, he asserted to his classmates that it was the Jade Rabbit when he heard theories from everyone but not only did anyone believe him but he was laughed at. That’s why he created the rabbit kingdom on the Moon himself thanks to Doraemon’s “Heresy Club member badge”. The next day, a mysterious student named Luka arrives, Nobita now leads you to the kingdom on the Moon and he asks to join him on an adventure on the Moon. Soon the group arrived, but then Nobita suddenly fell into a deep abyss in the state of losing her badge. Thanks to the badge that everyone can see and breathe, Doraemon is very worried. Nobita’s voice from below rang out, and it was discovered that Nobita was safe and learned that Luka was not an Earth. He is the Espal from the planet Kaguya in his possession of special powers Ether. Luka led her friends around her place, but the group realized there was something Luka was hiding. As soon as an unknown raid force kidnapped Espal, it was revealed that due to the fact that Diabolo had previously used the Espal Ether ability to destroy the Moon to spy on its power, this had affected. very bad to the Kaguya planet ecosystem. Because of that, his parents used a ship to send all the people who possessed Ether power to space to avoid being taken advantage of to do bad things again. Leading the army was General Goddard – a descendant of the Luka family but he was taken advantage of without even knowing it. Upon capturing the Espals, Diablo did not keep his promise to restore the moonlight to the planet Kaguya as promised, but instead sought to destroy it and invade Earth. Doraemon, Nobita and the rest of the people safely returned home through the “Miraculous Door”, but worried about Luka and the others, they returned to the balloon attached to Luka’s spacecraft. Everyone found Luna wounded in the rabbit kingdom, Shizuka was sent to stay to care and everyone immediately went to the planet Kaguya to save Luka. A great battle took place between Doraemon and Diabolo’s group, Doraemon later discovered that Diabolo was not a human but a machine with artificial intelligence. Returning to Shizuka now in the rabbit kingdom, Luna discovers that Nobit has a special badge that has the opposite effect of the “Heresy Club Member Badge”. Shizuka used it to help the group in danger because the “Miracle Bag” was taken away by Diabolo. But then Luna was captured, Diabolo harnessed the power of Ether inside Luna to control the flying ship, but fortunately a mysterious light appeared to illuminate the path, only to attack Diabolo at this time. He is destroyed and the planet Kaguya is as beautiful as before. Luka and those with Ether powers chose to stay in the rabbit kingdom and become a normal human instead of returning to the planet Kaguya. Doraemon and his friends decided to use the “Parody Club Member Badge” to meet Luka and the others’ wishes and then destroy this treasure after returning to Earth.

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