Shin Chan Movie Robot Dad Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Movie Info
Name : Shin-chan: Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes Back

(Hindi Dubbed as Shin Chan Movie Robot Dad)

Release Year : 2014 (Hindi Release 2015)

Quality : 720P HD

Language : Hindi

Movie Story : Hiroshi got a slipped disk due to a back injury. He was taken to an Este salon by a mysterious beautiful girl who appeared suddenly, to receive a free trial of beauty treatment as well as a massage. When Hiroshi returned home after a beauty treatment, he was surprised to see himself in the form of a robot. Shinnosuke gets overjoyed, whereas Misae gets worried on seeing him as a naked robot. The robot version of Hiroshi turns out to be convenient. The robot Hiroshi could be controlled by a remote control and pretty much do anything including cooking and cleaning. 

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