Shinchan Series Omacha Wars With English Subtitles Attached Download

Oban was the villain of a special effects show that became a huge hit. Oban figures were also popular for a while, but the boom faded quickly and the unsold figures were set aside for disposal. Then one day, the Oban figure is struck by lightning and brought to life. Burning with vengeance against the humans who abandoned her, Oban manipulates the other toys to attack people. Meanwhile, Oban’s nemesis, the Masked Chukonen, is also given life at the same time. Masked Chukonen really looks like a sad middle-aged, metabolic-syndrome sufferer, but when he eats instant noodles he is charged with energy and transformed into a superhero. To bring back peace, he joins with Shinnosuke to battle Oban and her crew.

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